Courses to attend

Specialization specific courses
Algorithmic Forecasting of
Stock Price Processes
  • Descriptive analysis of financial time series
  • Transformations of time series, statistical analysis
  • Trend analysis, extraction of cyclical effects
  • Decomposing time series with deterministic models
  • Smoothing techniques for reducing noise
  • Stochastic models (ARIMA model family)
  • Volatility modelling (ARCH, GARCH family)
Business and Financial Analytics
  • Evaluating the value and risk of firms
  • Capital expenditure strategies
  • Pricing credits, evaluating claims
  • Analyzing investor behavior
  • Types of financial investments
  • Types of risks, mitigation techniques
  • Analyzing securities with interests
Financial Investment Planning
  • Standard financial instruments
  • Introduction to modern portfolio theory
  • Utility theory, the CAPM model
  • Log-optimal portfolios
  • Option pricing, the binomial model
  • Cox-Ross-Rubinstein & Black-Scholes formulas
  • Discrete martingales, martingale pricing
Risk Analysis and Management
  • Introduction to risk assessment
  • Frameworks for risk analysis and management
  • Estimating tail risk, the cash management problem
  • Portfolio diversification (extreme eigenvalue & mean-reverting strategies)
  • Computational difficulties, efficient approximations
  • Monte Carlo simulation & stratified sampling
  • Deterministic sampling, deterministic bounds
Software Technologies for
Finance Systems
  • General software development techniques, design principles for financial systems
  • Lifecycle models, object-oriented software planning
  • Design patterns, common software architectures
  • Server & client side development techniques
  • Development of thick, thin and mobile client applications
  • Standardized interfaces for system-to-system communication
  • Distributed financial systems

Related courses
The following courses are obligatory for every Business Informatics specialization, but heavily related to Financial Informatics.
  • Data Mining Techniques
  • Finance
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Operations Research

Suggested elective courses
Everyone has to finish a few elective courses besides the mandatory ones - these are some great extensions to your studies.
  • Applied Data Analysis
  • 'Big Data' Analytical Tools on Open-source Platforms
  • Customer Analytics