What will you learn?
Learn the basics of qualitative
methods such as
  • Evaluating firms, performance and bankruptcy
  • Types of risks and their management
  • Types and properties of securities
  • Behavior patterns of investors
Widen your skills in the fields of
quantitative analytics like
  • Time series analysis and forecasting
  • Quantitative risk analysis
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Derivatives pricing
Acquire hands-on experience
  • Attend guided laboratories that support you in developing an analytical mindset
  • Practice what you learnt in theory through tasks tailored to help you understand
         the practical applications
  • Get to know how to specify, design and build complex financial systems
  • Get familiar with the most common tools in the industry such as Python,
         Matlab, Excel, ...etc.
  • Learn how to invest money strategically - even for your own profit
Improve your english
  • The courses of this specialization are taught in english
  • Practice your vocal skills through interactive lectures
  • Learn the english terminology
  • Get ahead of others at interviews due to your weekly use of the language
  • And most importantly: don't let these disencourage you - if your english
         is at least intermediate you will do fine and improve alot